JAG Student Voices: Haley Lewis

I love JAG because with my JAG specialist, Mrs.Geohagan, I can step outside of my comfort zone to learn new things that will benefit me in countless ways. Mrs.Geohagan is an excellent teacher because she teaches each individual student in the ways they learn best. She gets to know us more than just by our grades and how well we complete our assignments. She is always willing to help and go out of her way to make sure we are successful students. I love JAG and am so thankful that I get the opportunity to be in a class with such a great teacher and other students.

JAG has benefitted me so much in the year and a half that I’ve had this class. I have learned so many things that can help me in real life and will benefit me in applying for colleges and eventually a job and career.

I have completed mock job interviews, written cover letters, and built resumes which have helped me know what to expect when I begin to apply for jobs. JAG has also helped me become more comfortable in an interview type of setting and with my public speaking. I have had many opportunities to volunteer in my community and school through JAG, which not only will look good on college applications but has also been a very enjoyable experience which has brought me many good friendships and memories.

Haley Lewis
Covington County
Straughn High School

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